MONEY MAGNET - Visualisation Video And Affirmation Audio

Become A Money Magnet Using This Powerful Money Visualisation Video and Downloadable Audio Affirmations. Manifest Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance.



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How to become a Money Magnet?

Can I attract massive wealth using Law of Attraction?

How to program my mind to attract abundance in life?

If you keep asking the above questions to yourself then your search has come to an end.

NOW is the time for you to Become A Money Magnet.

Money is an amazing energy. It can flows to you if you become a magnet from within.

Money can allow you to live a luxurious and abundant life. It can enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones. It gives you the power to fulfil your materialistic need. Money allows you to fulfil the educational expenses of yours and your family. You can buy your dream house, car and have all the comforts of life. It will let you travel to your favourite destinations.

You can have wealth and prosperity when you will remove all fear, doubts and worry related to Money from your mind.

The best thing is that you are gifted with the power to change your life whenever you want. And the change will begin by changing your inner beliefs through subconscious mind programming.

Your subconscious mind is your miracle-machine. If you program it you can become a MONEY MAGNET.

To program your subconscious mind, VISUALISATION and AFFIRMATIONS are the best tools. If you can use them together then you can program your subconscious mind quickly.

However, 80% people struggle to visualise clearly and lack in emotions while doing affirmations. If you have tried visualisation and affirmations but didn't get the result then you must be knowing how frustrating it is.

Now to SOLVE this challenge and help you to program your subconscious mind, we have created a Highly Powerful MONEY MAGNET TOOL with High-Quality Visualisation Video and Audio Affirmations aligned with soothing audio track.

As you start using this MONEY MAGNET – Visualisation Video and Affirmations, your subconscious mind will become a Super Money Magnet.

Only Awesome AJ’s Visualisation & Affirmations Video Feature FIVE Powerful Elements:

  • High-Definition Themed Video (No Still Images)
  • Downloadable Audio Affirmations Track
  • Powerful Affirmations in Text Format
  • Inspiring/Relaxing Music to uplift your spirit
  • Recorded In Hypnotic Tone by Awesome AJ

What Does This Money Magnet Product Includes?

Your Purchase includes:

  • High-Quality Visualisation Video (Duration: 32 Minutes)
  • Downloadable Audio Affirmations (Duration: 32 Minutes)
  • Powerful Money Magnet Affirmations in Text Format

Your Instructor

Awesome AJ (Ajay Mishra)
Awesome AJ (Ajay Mishra)

Ajay Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Law of Attraction Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker. Popularly known as ‘Awesome AJ’ among his friends, clientele and followers for spreading awesomeness in their life through his path-breaking techniques in Subconscious Mind Programming, the Law of Attraction and Self-hypnosis.

  • Awesome AJ is known for his magical transformation of people who have lost faith in their dreams.
  • He has coached some of the very successful achievers including National Level Athletes, Actors, Doctors, CAs, Top Corporate Executives, and Entrepreneurs.
  • He has personally mentored and coached thousands of individuals in creating Massive Business Success, Manifest Dream Jobs, Heal Broken Relationships, Manifest Soulmates, Become Money Magnets and unleashed inner power.
  • He was mentored by World's leading Coaches & Motivational Speakers - Jack Canfield, Les Brown and T. Harv Eker.
  • He is a Jack Canfield Certified Law of Attraction Coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get access to the content all at once or only in pieces?
You will receive access to all content instantly when you buy it. This allows you to start using them instantly.
Will I receive anything in the mail?
No. This product is 100% digital. The good news is that you will get INSTANT ACCESS. However, we will send you updates, reminders, and words of motivation through email from time to time.
What are the requirements?
An open mind and a desire to achieve your goals. A SmartPhone or laptop or computer with internet connection. Headphones preferable for better audio clarity.
How long do I have access to the product?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for next 100 days - across any and all devices you own.
Do you have alternate payment options?
Yes. If you can’t pay through our payment gateway here then please send an email to [email protected] and we will share alternate mode of payment to you.
Is there any refund available with this program?
No. There is no refund for this program as you get 100% access to full content on the day you join. Audio is downloadable, so it can not be refundable.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people can't properly visualise?

The solution is to trigger true emotion and break through to your subconscious mind using powerful Visualisation Video with Hypnotic Audio Affirmations.

That's what makes Awesome AJ’s Visualisation & Affirmation Videos different. We combine FIVE powerful elements into a vivid and magnetic Visualisation & Affirmation Video that literally break down the wall of your conscious mind, to immediately program your subconscious. Once your mind is positively programmed, you can start to manifest the life you truly desire.

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