Learn how to bring positive changes into your life with the 'MAGIC of GRATITUDE' in next 32 Days. Day-wise Course Content available in downloadable PDFs.

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INR 12,000/- or 180 USD

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28 MAGICAL PRACTICE is a 32 Days Program based on the 'Attitude of Gratitude'. In this course you will learn how to be positive, focused and productive in life. How to live more, enjoy more and achieve all your goals in all areas of life, such as Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career and Peace of mind.

If you follow the instructions sincerely and religiously, you will be able to manifest whatever you want, using this Magic of Gratitude.

Is Gratitude Really So Powerful?

Yes, its much powerful than you are thinking. All the successful people from all walks of life practice gratitude to create abundance. Read the following quotes:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”Oprah Winfrey

“Be Grateful with everything you have and you will be successful in everything you do.” Conor McGregor, MMA Fighter

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”Tony Robbins

I strongly believe gratitude not just make you feel good but it can change your life. And I am not just saying this from my experience but it is scientifically proven.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

  1. By Practicing Gratitude You can Achieve more GOALS
  2. Practicing Gratitude enhances your SELF-ESTEEM
  3. Your RELATIONSHIPS get better with an Attitude of Gratitude.
  4. Regular practice of Gratitude improves your PHYSICAL HEALTH.
  5. It improves your PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH.
  6. If you want to reduce anger and enhance EMPATHY, practice gratitude on a daily basis.
  7. Finally, it will make your SLEEP better and better

How This Program Can Change My Life?

The core concept of this program are Law of Attraction and Attitude of Gratitude.

Law of Attraction works on the following core concepts:

  • You can achieve anything you want.
  • But to achieve anything you want you must feel happy and positive about it.

It means "Your Feelings Create Your Reality" and this is where most people failed, even if they know the law of attraction. And Practicing Gratitude only can change your feelings.

When you start Practicing Gratitude, you always feel Positive about life. When you feel Positive about life, you can achieve anything you want.

This 28 Magical Practice course align the Gratitude Practice with the Law of Attraction is such a way that you will feel positive and happy in all areas of life. And you can automatically achieve all your desires.

That is why when you join this Program your life will change magically.

You will discover a new dimension to life. You will experience a new positive energy in you, a new approach towards life. You will see a NEW YOU in you. All this in next 32 Days.

How Does The Program Work?

This 28 Magical Practice Program is an online program you can join from anywhere and you can access it from your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Written Script

  • The Day-to-Day Practices Lessons will be shared in PDF formate for 32 Days
  • Preparatory Lessons before starting the Gratitude Practice Journey

Daily Gratitude Activity

  • These instructions are activity based and every day we will ask you to follow simple gratitude activity.

Helpful Reminders

  • You will get E-mail notification on a daily basis for next 32 days post enrolment as an automated reminder for you to do your day specific activity. (We’ve found it’s a lot easier to stick to a habit if you have a reminder to do it.)

Awesome Tips and Advice

  • Every practice has Awesome AJ's Awesome Tips section. These Awesome Tips are simple, fun and powerful and they will help you do the practice effortlessly. (All our participants love these tips and found them priceless.)

Simplicity of Content + Easy English

  • All the instructions are designed in the best possible and simplest way, so that you can follow them easily. If you have basic knowledge of English language, you can understand the content. (If you can read and understand these details means it will be very easy for you to understand this course.)

Do You Have Any Bonus For Me?

Yes, I have Awesome Bonuses for You.

  • Access to 28 MAGICAL PRACTICE CLUB Private Facebook Group.

Note: Please check the Program Structure Section to check the Course Content and Bonuses.

Can You Share Some Participant's Success Story With Me?

1000s of people have done this program so far and get benefited. You can check our testimonial section and it will give you an idea of the success participants are creating.

Read some of the success stories in the links below:

This program will make your days more positive, focused and you will be more productive in all your activities. Your life's perspective will change. Your life become magical. Its a very powerful course.

You must live the life you want. Now its your turn. Start your journey today.

Your Instructor

Awesome AJ (Ajay Mishra)
Awesome AJ (Ajay Mishra)

Ajay Mishra is an Internationally Renowned Law of Attraction Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker. Popularly known as ‘Awesome AJ’ among his friends, clientele and followers for spreading awesomeness in their life through his path-breaking techniques in Subconscious Mind Programming, the Law of Attraction and Self-hypnosis.

  • Awesome AJ is known for his magical transformation of people who have lost faith in their dreams.
  • He has coached some of the very successful achievers including National Level Athletes, Actors, Doctors, CAs, Top Corporate Executives, and Entrepreneurs.
  • He has personally mentored and coached thousands of individuals in creating Massive Business Success, Manifest Dream Jobs, Heal Broken Relationships, Manifest Soulmates, Become Money Magnets and unleashed inner power.
  • He was mentored by World's leading Coaches & Motivational Speakers - Jack Canfield, Les Brown and T. Harv Eker.
  • He is a Jack Canfield Certified Law of Attraction Coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts the day you register and ends after 32 Days! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and continue for next 32 days.
What are the requirements?
An Open Mind and a Desire to improve your Life. Willingness to Implement & Try the Simple yet Effective Exercises. Computer or Laptop with Good Internet Connection. Also, it works in Smart Phone and Tablet. A Notebook and Pen. Headphones preferable for better audio clarity.
Can I download the Course Lectures?
Yes, You Can Download The Course Lectures in PDF format. Also, you can download our Bonus: Gratitude Audio Affirmation in MP3 format.
Is this course same as 28 Magical Practice Video Program or different?
This is a Text only course and different from 28 Magical Practice Video Program. The format of both the course are same but this course has Text Lectured in PDF format however in the Video Program you will get all Lectures in VIDEO format along with PDFs. To know more about the Video Program please check the program details.
Do you have some Video in this Course?
Though it is a Text only course but we have included 4 Video Lectures in this program as a Bonus for you. We believe it will help you understand the Magic of Gratitude better. Apart from these 4 Video lectures, all other lectures are in TEXT format only.
Am I going to receive daily emails also?
Yes, you will be getting Emails Notification every morning for 32 days from the day you start the course. This will help you do the course effortlessly.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for next 100 Days - across any and all devices you own.
Is there any refund available with this program?
No. There is no refund for this program as you get 100% access to full content on the day you join. All program content given in PDFs are downloadable, so it can not be refundable.

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The Cost of this 32 Days Life Transforming Program is INR 12,000/- or 180 USD

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Are you ready to create a blissful life?

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Do you want to live with a peaceful mind?

If your answer is YES, then lets start a journey of 32 Days and achieve more Success, Happiness, Love, Joy and Better Relationships.

Not Next Month, Not Next Week. Act Now.

INR 12,000/- or 180 USD

Only INR 2499/- or 49 USD


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