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  Introduction to the 28 Magical Practice Program

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Thank you for starting this phenomenal 28 Magical Practice Program.

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Radhika N
I am happy thankful and grateful in joining this course and to get a mentor on LOA,
Have been reading L Hay and Magic but always was unable to complete the practice all on my own.
Either the dreams were not clear . My immediate action is on my focus on health as i need to drastically reduce 30kgs to become fit and healthy. Procrastination, fear to take a decision is other aspects i am looking forward to change
Ajaya Mishra
Thanks a zillion Radhika for starting this Magical Journey and it will definitely create massive magical transformation in your life.

About your reducing 30 Kgs and become fit.. I would suggest you following points:

1. For next one month dont worry or desperate about the weight you have. Just focus on being happy & Grateful to your body and it will start healing itself.

2. Read this post and pick 3 to 5 affirmations that you like the most and read them as often as you can:

3. Keep practicing the 28 Magical Practice as a joyful journey. Remember losing weight is not a temporary goal but you becoming Fit, Slim, Healthy & Energetic is a healthy life that you are building.

You can read Linca's story to stay motivated:

Loads of magical success to you.
Radhika N
how should i write a dream
Ajaya Mishra
Hi Radhika, the complete process of dream writing is explained in the next section "Get Ready for Your Magical Journey."
Ruchi singh
Hi Ajay ,

Today is my first day of this program .I have followed law of attraction from 2015 .I felt a strong inclination towards your program .I promise to come back to you after manifesting my desire .Thanks ....Sending light and love
Ajaya Mishra
welcome to the journey Ruchi. it will be transformational
Ana Sever
I've been reading your blog for about 6 moths. I'm soooo excited :).
Thank you, thank you!
Ajaya Mishra
Loads of Gratitude Ana for starting this Magical Journey. Thank You.
Ana Sever
Thank you! :)
sir i am very depressed i discontinued my btech degree i am now over weight of 20 kgs iam very unhappy my life is unexcited no excitement at all i want to be happy i want to be peaceful i want to reduce my weight and get a job please guide me
Ajaya Mishra
Register for this Program and then you will get maximum advantage of changing your life with Magic of Gratitude and Law of Attraction
Hi Ajay...
i want money how manfiest quickly..?
i really need money now..?
what should i do..?
Ajaya Mishra
Hi Arun,

Follow this process:

1. Take 20 Minutes time alone without distraction and ask yourself ..HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WANT NOW? And WHY YOU WANT IT? And write this in your notebook/journal.

2. Next ask yourself when this desire will come true ..
WITH WHOM DO I SHARE? .. Think about this with clear intention and write in your journal and write the whole experience that you want to have... write as much as you can feel grateful for the manifestation.

3. Every day read the above points at night before going to sleep.

4. Use the Money Magnet Affirmations that you got in the TYD, read them daily at least for 4 to 5 repetition. Listen to the Audio Money Magnet Affirmation while travelling, relaxing and Sleeping.

5. Keep saying all through the day "THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I AM RECEIVING..ITS DONE, DONE,DONE"

6. Stay as happy as you can ..and dont doubt ..dont worry and your desire will come true at lightening speed.

Arun, the above process is very very powerful, but the key is consistency. Stop worrying when it will come and give your best in following it on a day-to-day basis and it will come true at lightening speed.

Remember the more you expect positive outcome and be happy the more quickly it will come true.

Tons of Money Magic to you.
Thank you so much Aj
Thank you for offering your guidelines . Please give your id, to which I can mail
Ajaya Mishra
Thank you Vijaylaxi for starting this journey.

Tons of magical vibes to you. Please send your questions to and please mention that you are doing this 28 Magical Practice Video Program as we get 100s of emails daily so it will be easier to prioritize your email. I will guide you.

Have a magical day.
Sachin Gupta
Good Morning AJ Sir ,My name is Sachin Gupta and today only I have enrolled myself into 28 days magical program.Sir,I am grateful that now I have someone as my mentor who can guide me to achieve my dream.
Sir I have a question that is related to my dream carrer that I would be asking from you on your personnal mail id ,and I am sure you would show me some way
Ajaya Mishra
Good Morning Sachin and thank you for starting this journey. Tons of magical vibes to you. Please send your questions about your dreams and career to and please mention that you are doing this 28 Magical Practice Video Program as we get 100s of emails daily so it will be easier to prioritize your email. I will guide you what all need to be done along with the Magic Practice.
Have a magical day.
I realy need your support Aj
Ajaya Mishra
Yes Arun, let me know, how can I help you. If you have too many issues then please send an email at with all details. Also mention that you are taking these online programs in the email so that I can identify. If you have just one or two questions, you can ask here in the academy.
My girlfriend is breaking up with me because her parents won't allow our marriage she doesn't understand my love and I feel tortured. What should I do..??
Ajaya Mishra
If you girlfriend doesnt understand you or not ready to make things happened positive way then she is not really in love with you.. if this is the case then you break the relationship and move on.. you can be in love but you can be begging for love.

If you truly feel she love you and with the pressure only she is behaving like this then you can follow the process same like the way you can do for money. Focus on the happy relationship, be happy and be grateful daily without worrying about whats happening and focus on what you desire.

You must take a final decision and follow the practice religiously. You cant be hanging any more.

All the success to you.
she lies everyone including me and i'm so doubt and she give me up
i really miss her i cant live without her..but she cheat me
she is never care about me and give up me for her family she blame me i was made wrong..but my love is very true..
Ajaya Mishra
If this is the case Arun, then you must leave her and move ahead and create the life of your dreams. And as you build your happy and positive life you will attract the perfect soul-mate into your life who will be true to you and love you also.

Dont limit your life with toxic people. move ahead and create your happy life.

You have a magnificent life waiting for you.
Hi Aj..
Which is best course to change my life..??
28 Magical practice video course or TRANSFORM YOUR DESTINY ..????
Ajaya Mishra
Dear Arun, please check your email we have replied you with details. Both the programs are essential for your major transformation and manifestation.
Lynn Harmon
Hi Ajay
how get a job a within a month..?
now im jobless and moneyless
Ajaya Mishra
Hi Lynn,

I was travelling from last few days, so couldn't reply to your message before.

Now about manifesting a job .. follow the action points below:

1. First read this post on my website and understand the process of job manifestation:

2. Create an Idea about the Job you desires.

3. Every Morning & Night practice Job Affirmation too boost your attraction power. Use the affirmations listed here:

4. Every night, write 2 to 3 pages of gratitude to the Universe for brining your dream job to you. And how your life will be after getting the job, like the way you will be happy and grateful, who are the people with whom you will share the success. The kind of celebration you will do or if you have some unpaid bills or debts that you will pay. So go into the mode as if you have got the job. And write all the with happy & positive vibes .. do it every night that will help you manifest quick.

Lynn one more thing is to remember is to believe more and doubt less ..then it will come true.

Tons of success to you.
Mukesh Chanderia
Hi Ajay,

Just want to know that will I be able to see video after completion of course ? Thanks for Magical Practice more Magical with videos
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
Ajaya Mishra
Dear Mukesh, thank you for starting the Journey. You have unlimited access to the video.. even after finishing the course once .. you can watch any video any time you like have access to them for years.
Hi Ajay,

Thanks for the Program. It gives me Positive Energy.Thank you so much...
Ajaya Mishra
Immense Gratitude for being on this Magical and Blissful Journey. More Positive vibes to you.
Rahul Srivastava

aj not able to access the mail more over this site is not opening on google chrome
Ajaya Mishra
Hi Rahul,

If the video is not getting streamed then there may be 2 reasons:

1. Either internet is very slow at your end and you need to wait for a while and try again.

Or. 2. Clean your browser CACHE & COOKIES and log in again

3. If you are continuously facing the issue on Chrome then you need to re-install it coz all our user are using it on Chrome and its working fine.

Please do the above and let us know.
oluwaseun omoniyi
Hi Ajaya So glad and joyful to start this awesome journey and thank you so so much for your support on this journey...
Ajaya Mishra
Thank You for starting this magical journey.
i am unable to access the video
Ajaya Mishra
Dear Deepthi. The Video is getting streamed at the top of the page just above the "Note"

If the vieos not getting streamed then there may be 2 reason:

1. Either internet is very slow at your end and you need to wait for a while and try again.

Or. 2. Clean your browser CACHE & COOKIES and loggin again

Check the above and let us know if the issue persist.

We are also checking from our end case any issue is there.